Harriot College Faculty, Staff Attend Professional Leadership Conference

At the beginning of February, Harriot College advising professionals attended the NACADA Administrators’ Institute in Cary, N.C., engaging in professional development and contributing insights and expertise to workshop activities. It promotes and supports strategies to enhance leadership skills within academic advising to enhance the educational development of students. Attendees from the college included LeAnn Taylor, Director of the Academic Advising and Resource Center; John Trifilo, Associate Director of the center; and Kiya Bolds, Assistant Director of University Studies.

“The institute proved to be a transformative professional development experience. The institute integrated challenges, critical thinking and problem-solving sessions, creating an environment where participants engaged in shared experiences and, most importantly, exchanged a wealth of ideas,” said Bolds. “The resources and support were invaluable. I left the conference feeling invigorated, having gained new insights that have already begun to refine my approach to student engagement.”

Taylor said, “It was a great time to network with advisors from other institutions and remind us how fortunate we are to have great working relationships with so many offices on campus (Registrar, Admissions, and Financial Aid offices). It also reaffirmed how fortunate we are to have the support of our dean who knows first-hand how advising works and how critical it is for student success.”

“Investing in the professional development of our academic advisors and leaders is something I am proud to do,” said Allison Danell, Dean of the Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences. “It directly enhances the skills and knowledge of our advising professionals, whose roles are critical to student success.”

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