Harriot College Council on Anti-Racism and Equity


Mission of the Council

The mission of the Harriot College Council on Anti-Racism and Equity (CARE) is to provide a constructive forum for the regular discussion of topics related to anti-racism and equity that include faculty, staff, and students.

CARE Charter

As described in the Charter, the Council on Anti-Racism and Equity shall:

  • Develop and promote anti-racism programming and initiatives
  • Advise the Harriot College Dean on programming, expenditures, and issues relating to diversity and equity within the college
  • Support and publicize anti-racism programming and initiatives of units within Harriot College
  • Partner with and support other ECU centers, colleges, councils, divisions, offices, units, and student organizations: such as the Office of Faculty Excellence, the Office for Equity and Diversity, the Faculty and Staff Senates, and the Division of Student Affairs
  • Partner with and support individuals and groups within the community

CARE Steering Committee Members

Members of the CARE Steering Committee include:

  • Nikki Caswell, faculty
  • Cristina Estrada-Underwood, faculty
  • Jarvis Hargrove, faculty
  • Sitawa Kimuna, faculty
  • Marianne Montgomery, faculty
  • Michele Stacey, faculty
  • Carson Stanley, student
  • Vera Tabakova, faculty


Any member of the student body, staff, or faculty in Harriot College is welcome to volunteer.