Harriot College IMPACT Team

Harriot College is devoted to providing a vehicle by which all students can make a major decision, and make a major difference. The Harriot College Innovative, Motivated Pirates who Act, Communicate, and Think (IMPACT) Team is comprised of students majoring in our disciplines who have embraced the broad educational opportunities afforded by Harriot College and ECU, and are ready to share those experiences to recruit and support new majors.


You’ve made a major decision; now make a major difference.  Reach out and engage future and current ECU students to share how Harriot College has helped you explore and reach your goals. Represent Harriot College on campus tours, recruitment events, and other opportunities to engage students and the community. Work with our marketing and communication team to develop newsletters, videos, and other social media campaigns to let folks know about your thought-provoking classes, experiences with world-class faculty members and thoughtful advisors, multidisciplinary research and creative activity, study abroad experiences, and co-curricular and service projects.

IMPACT Team Plan of Action

Harriot College leadership, program directors, and support staff will call meetings no more than 4 times per year for open discussion with Harriot College IMPACT team members to discuss outreach strategies and coordinate communication. IMPACT team members must commit to at least 2 outreach events during the year and sign up for 1 communication squad.  Each squad will interface frequently to deliver our message via various platforms.


Each student member of the Harriot College IMPACT Team must be in good academic standing in a major in Harriot College.

Term of Membership

Membership terms are for 1 academic year, from August 1 through May 31. Summer participation is voluntary but much appreciated. A member may be reappointed for 1 additional term if desired. A member will be dismissed from the IMPACT Team if he or she is no longer in good academic standing, has 3 or more unexcused absences from meetings and/or events in an academic year, or changes to a major outside of Harriot College.

Become a Member of the Team

To apply for membership on the Harriot College IMPACT team, make a short (< 1 minute) video that would serve to recruit a new student to your major in Harriot College. This video should be about your experience in your major, enthusiastically sharing why new students should be excited to follow in your footsteps. Don’t forget to show your Pirate Pride! Send your video to THCAS@ECU.EDU , along with your name, major(s), and the name of at least one faculty member or academic advisor who can recommend your participation on the IMPACT team. You must be in good academic standing in a major in Harriot College.

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